You can request four different HD outputs:

  • Merged audio: one file, containing the merged audio tracks of both parties
  • Merged audio + interviewee video: one file, containing the merged interviewee video and both audio tracks.
  • Synchronized tracks: four files, containing seperate audio and video tracks of both parties, with synchronized timings
  • Non-synchronized tracks: a fallback option of four files, containing the raw audio and video tracks of both parties

After the interview, the HD recordings are automatically sent to the NowMax servers (cloud). You can request the recorded files through the ‘history’ tab on the app, or on the the NowMax web portal. After processing these files, they become available for download at the same location. As an interviewer, you will also receive a download link via e-mail.

You must request the desirable recordings within 30 days. You should download these requested file within the same 30 days.

The merging and downloading process can be completely streamlined. In your NowMax dashboard ‘Settings’ you can AutoRequest your preferred Output Versions. You can also link your storage system (Dropbox, Amazon S3 bucket, Google Drive, OneDrive, …) with our Watch Folder, so any requested outputs are automatically transferred to your preferred destination.

We haven’t included any social integrations in the NowMax application. However, you can share the specific link of the ‘Share UI’ that you’ll find in the summary e-mail.

If something should come up, you’re always welcome to contact . Our logger system allows us to detect what went wrong at what time and what caused the issue. If we, or one of our partners, proves to be the cause of the technical issue, we will not charge the used recording minutes for that session.

Silver lining: you will never lose a low resolution recording. We can always provide you with the realtime (low res) recording as a fallback option. It is automatically included in your subscription.

The main causes for failed uploads of the HD footage are:

  1. a weak internet connection,
  2. a ‘force quit’ of the NowMax application during an ongoing recording,
  3. tight security settings of a local network.
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