Of course, it’s the most exciting feature of NowMax remote interviews! As an Interviewer, you can start, pause, restart and stop the HD recording of a remote interview.

On the Interviewer’s side, the shape of the recording button in the lower right corner will change.

As an Interviewer, you can remotely control several parameters: white balance, light intensity and output volume. These changes will also be visible and audible in the recorded footage of the interview. It’s quite important to correctly adjust the parameters during the realtime conversation in order to generate the same HD image.

You can even send on-screen commands to remotely ‘direct’ your Interviewee and you can add a ‘rule of thirds’ overlay – however, these will not be visible in the end result.

If you want any of the video call screens enlarged, you can just click on their side of the screen. Your share of the screen will become a little smaller by doing so, and vice versa.

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