Of course, it’s the most exciting features of NowMax remote interviews! As an Interviewer, you can start, pause, restart and stop the HD recording of a remote interview. As an Interviewee, you need to give your permissing for the recording to start. You are also able to pause and stop the recording.

With the dual delivery strategy, interviewers can conduct a real-time interview in low resolution while a high quality recording is saved locally on the device. After the interview, the HD recordings from each side are automatically transferred to the cloud and processed into one full conversation. You don’t lose any interactivity between interviewer and interviewee, while your audio and video footage is recorded in HD quality. The synchronized audio & video footage is instantly available for editing.

‘Locally recorded’ means that the recording takes place on the smartphone instead of over the internet. You’re not dependent on limited bandwidth and connection speed, so you don’t lose any important information and don’t encounter any disruptions.

All recordings are provided in .mp4 format. The audio recordings are 48 kHz 16 bit. The video recordings are up to HD 1080 & 30 fps per track. NowMax records with industry leading codecs, without any artificial upscaling.

You can record 30 minutes during the first 14 days for free and see how it sounds and looks. Request a demo.

As an Interviewer, you can remotely control several parameters: white balance, light intensity and output volume. These changes will also be visible and audible in the recorded footage of the interview. It’s quite important to correctly adjust the parameters during the realtime conversation in order to generate the same HD image.

You can even send on-screen commands to remotely ‘direct’ your Interviewee and you can add a ‘rule of thirds’ overlay – however, these will not be visible in the end result.

If you want any of the video call screens enlarged, you can just click on their side of the screen. Your share of the screen will become a little smaller by doing so, and vice versa.

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