The Benefits
of Remote Interviews

With rapid changes in work circumstances and videoconferencing, remote interviews have gained more and more attention. The rise to fame doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Remote interviews are relatively simple from a production standpoint while making engaging content. There are a few key reasons why you might want to record interviews online rather than filming them in-person.

No travel time/cost

Let us get the obvious out of the way: you don’t need to plan ahead to calculate travel time to reach the interviewee. Without traffic jams and without having to wait for your plane or train, you’re almost certain that you’ll be able to meet with your interviewee at the agreed date and time of your meeting.

The only thing you need to reach your conversation partner, is a good internet connection and – possibly – a power outlet. These two elements are a lot cheaper than your fuel costs or travel tickets. Research shows that the use of the NowMax application can reduce the cost of man hours and transport costs by 81 percent!

Easy to schedule and dial-in

Video conferencing and video calling isn’t just about having a high-quality tool to show your face to the world. A good video conferencing solution makes it straightforward to create a meeting link or dial-in number. Many broadcast interviews are opportunities that come with little advance warning, tied to breaking news. Experts must quickly ready themselves for these interviews. Convenience is key, both for the interviewee and the interviewer.

At NowMax, we use deeplinks to schedule interviews between two participants. All you need to do, is enter your correspondents’ contact information (name and e-mail address) through the app or the web interface to send an invite and a download link for the application. In two simple steps, you’re ready for an HD interview!

Re-watch your conversation in HD

I’m sure many of you have (re)discovered Skype, Zoom, Teams, and other video calling apps. They are great and free tools for team meetings or to easily reach family and friends. But wouldn’t it be nice to have an HD recording of those one-on-one sessions? With the NowMax application, we guarantee full interactivity during a low-resolution video call in real-time, whilst recording an HD copy, locally on the device.

This feature enhances the many advantages of remote interviews even more. In the end result, it will look like you were filming on location with your smartphone – in the best possible video and audio quality!

Multi-level attention

A direct consequence of the previous step (the possibility to record an interview) is that the recording can be shown on different levels of a decision-making process. The NowMax application is mainly created for broadcast media and press journalists, but there are many other possibilities for different industries:

  • A job interview can be shown to different levels of management to acquire the right candidate. Great candidates don’t get lost in the crowd, because a recruiter can always go back and watch the interview again, and therefore make sure that they have selected the best candidate(s) for the job,
  • Webinars and Q&A-sessions will be even more understandable and instructive with clear audio and video properties,
  • A nursing home can show pre-recorded conversations with relatives to the seniors,
  • Construction site inspections can be directed from afar and advice can be given based on the recorded film.

No investment needed

We all carry a device that has become an appendix of our bodies: a smartphone. Although web conferencing or many VoIP solutions rely on the use of webcams, we don’t have to beat around the bush here: built-in webcams are terrible. They are often limited to 720p resolution, with sensors below 5 megapixels. You can find a better front-facing camera on a $200 phone than on a $2,000 laptop. You can’t get a better resolution in your video output than what your hardware delivers…

While webcams on laptops have worsened in recent years (they have to be ‘hidden’ in smaller and slimmer spaces), phones have taken the opposite approach. Notches or punch holes have become common in phones and some models are getting noticeably thicker than laptop lids.

Remote Controls

Every VoIP tool has its own set of features. Every product seems to be looking for a functionality to distinguish itself from the pack. Some offer whiteboards, others offer screen-sharing, greenscreens and remote presentation possibilities. Some, like NowMax, offer the possibility to alter the volume, light intensity and white balance of the correspondents’ camera and microphone. It’s the best solution for media-trained professionals who are looking for the best possible end result in their recorded footage.

As poor audio and visuals can ruin an interview and distract from otherwise strong messages, there is a dire need for High Quality broadcast interviews. Top-tier interviews, produced by these specific tools, are a tremendous awareness-building opportunity for your company and your spokespeople.

Speed and reliability

After checking their sources, journalists want to get the scoop. In order to be the first to deliver ‘breaking news’, the recorded footage has to be sent to post-production. Our cloud-based software doesn’t depend upon the physical transfer of the data. The film editors can simply download the seperate or merged audio and video files from anywhere in the world and insert them into their Media Asset Management System.

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