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This page was last edited on 27/04/2020.


This App Privacy Policy applies to the NowMax App, owned and operated by NowMax BVBA, Fazantendreef 12, 2980 Zoersel, Belgium.

NowMax deems the protection of privacy of the utmost importance and wishes to enable you – as user of its App – to maintain full control over what happens to your Personal Data and your privacy and to inform and protect you accordingly.

Your Personal Data and your privacy are protected by NowMax in accordance with Belgian and European regulations on the protection of privacy (GDPR).

By using our App, disclosing your Personal Data, and accepting this App Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to the manner in which NowMax BVBA collects and processes your Personal Data as described in this App Privacy Policy. Questions about this App Privacy Policy can be sent to .

This App Privacy Policy might be changed by NowMax at any time. The most recent version including the last date of modification is included in the App and published on the NowMax website.

This App Privacy Policy shall be governed, interpreted, and implemented in accordance with Belgian law, which applies exclusively in the event of any dispute. The Belgian Courts and the Antwerp division within the jurisdiction of Antwerp are exclusively competent to decide on any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of this App Privacy Policy, without prejudice to the consumer’s right to present a dispute before the competent court on the basis of a mandatory statutory provision.

The Personal Data we process

Users can use the App having either the role of Interviewer or Interviewee. Interviewers can schedule and list interviews with Interviewees. Interviewees can only participate in an interview after receiving an interview invitation from an Interviewer.

To be able to maintain the contact list of the Interviewer in the App, NowMax processes and stores information like name, email address and phone number of the contacts the user inserts into the App.

To be able to make and list interviews in the App, NowMax processes and stores information about the interview, like the contact information of the person being part of the interview and the date and duration of the interview. In case recordings were made during the interview, these recordings, together with metadata like the date the recording was made, will be transmitted and stored to/on the infrastructure of NowMax for as long as the Interviewer requires the recordings to be stored.

During an interview the App transmits audio and video between Interviewer and Interviewee and vice versa. To be able to do this, the App will ask the user permissions to access the camera and microphone.

To be able to start interviews and accept incoming interview requests, the App will ask the user permission to allow push notifications.

During an interview the Interviewer will be able to remotely control a limited set of audio and video settings of the Interviewee, like volume, light intensity or white balance. This is only possible for the duration of the interview.

To get insight in the network connection quality between Interviewer and Interviewee, metrics like network type and strength are transmitted between Interviewer and Interviewee and displayed in the App.

Personal Data processing roles

As explained above, users can use the App having either the role of Interviewer or Interviewee.

Regarding the Personal Data which is processed by the App, NowMax acts as data processor on behalf of the Interviewer, which submits Personal Data of the types described below in the App. Interviewees submit Personal Data in the App on behalf of the Interviewer.

To be able to operate our services NowMax makes use of third party cloud services, which act as (sub)processors on behalf of NowMax. NowMax verifies that every (sub)processor with whom it enters into an agreement complies with the regulations of the GDPR. The (sub)processor might transfer your Personal Data outside the EEA, but in this case NowMax verifies that the Personal Data is protected by the required level of protection as required by GDPR.

NowMax will never sell your Personal Data to commercial enterprises.

NowMax takes all reasonable measures to protect your Personal Data, both technically and organizationally. Traffic to and from the App flowing over the internet is by default protected by SSL encryption. Access to your Personal Data is only granted to those employees that require access to operate our services.

User rights

Users at all times can obtain, transfer and limit their Personal Data processed and stored by NowMax. NowMax provides the necessary functionality for executing the user rights either in the software interfaces or by contacting the support department. Interviewees should contact the Interviewer from which they received the interview invitation to execute their rights on their Personal Data submitted in the App during the interview.

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